Monday, 13 February 2012

BAFTAs: My Take

So I was the saddo who watched the BAFTAs right through from the countdown to the live from the red carpet to the very end of the awards show: yes sad I know. But I got to see all the dresses (and suits) and could criticise from my sofa. This is my take on the BAFTA dresses:

Berenice Marlohe at the BAFTAs 2012
To me Berenice got it right simply because of the simplicity of this dress. Of course it's not simple with the back design and shape but she really really stood out on the red carpet catching everyones attention: can't really be a bad thing? Her hair also looked great and her black and bronze eye make-up was perfect. I thnk you've got to be quite brave to wear all white but she definitely pulled it off.

Fearne Cotton at the BAFTAs 2012
So Fearne was only presenting the E! red carpet show with Dermot O'Leary but that didn't mean she didn't make an effort, because she definitely did! This is not a colour I would ever wear but she looks great in it! I love the necklace and the pleats down to the waist and how she has two matching crystal bangles on each wrist. Her make-up included thick black eye liner which looked perfect and I loved her lip colour! Her hair may have been slightly big for my liking but all in all she looked great.

Jessica Chastain at the BAFTAs 2012
Jessica was all in gold right down to her shoes and although I am definitely not usually a fan of too shiny materials this was perfect for the BAFTAs as it is so bold. I loved the way her dress flowed as she walked making her look very elegant! And it also highlighted her waist-line. You could tell she had made an effort!


Tilda Swinton in Celine at the BAFTAs 2012
Sorry Tilda but I do not like this outfit one bit. I think if the skirt and the top parts had been worn separately with other pieces this would look far more sleek. I am also not a fan of her oversized pearl ring: I think it looks out of place. With her pale complexion and lighter hair I think a darker colour would have looked much better on Tilda.

Bonnie Wright at the BAFTAs 2012
Bonnie what are you doing? She looks all mumsy and much older than 20. I think the black tights do not help and it appeared almost every other woman was in a full-length gown. Fair enough go for something different but I just don't feel like she made an effort (or at least it looks that way!). Compared to a lot of other outfits this is plain and a little dull. However, I do quite like her hair and make-up!

So that was my take on the BAFTAs dresses (most photos from here). This is all my own opinion. It is difficult in some way for me to comment on the outfits as I would never ever get to wear anything like this but I can dream.. you never know maybe one day I'll get to go!
Alice x


  1. i love fearnes dress!

    1. so do I, she looked absolutely gorgeous! and did a great job at presenting as well! x