Saturday, 18 February 2012

I LOVE WI-FI! UO wishlist

Hellooo everyone, although I don't actally get back till tomorrow evening (thought I was getting back today!) the hotel I am staying in overnight has wi-fi woop! so i thought I would do a quick post. I have been skiing this week in france (more to come on that once i am home and have my camera cable) and have had a great time! we had really good weather and the mountains were beautiful.

While I'm having a bit of down time I thought I would do a quick wishlist for some new things I would like for the new season, although alot of the clothes from Urban Outfitters are quite alot out of my price range, a girl can hope right! but I would like to try and save up and get a couple of really nice things and alot of their stock usually ends up in the sale! These are from the 'new in' section on their website...

Lots more posts on their way to make up for the last week!!! see you soon
Rosie xx