Friday, 10 February 2012

H&M Wishlist

H&M has always been somewhere I get my clothes from. It is reasonably priced and they do some great pieces! Although I have had a very bad experience with ordering online with them, I have been searching the H&M website for items I am currently lusting after or wishing for. I decided to do each item individually so you can see more details (rather than a collage):





So these are the things I am after from H&M right now! They had a student lock in night with 20% off for students on Thursday night around the country but I couldn't make it unfortunately! It would have been ideal as well but never mind! Will just have to decide whether I really need any of these items and buy the ones I think I do full price. I feel like all of these items are all transitional pieces that can go into sping/summer!
Alice x

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