Thursday, 2 February 2012

Naughty Alice

This title could have a number of meanings after me doing more online shopping today! But anyway, this perfume, Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood was a Christmas present from 2010 but I honestly did not use it at all. Recently I have rediscovered my love for it and wanted to share! Notes include pink pepper, violet, ylang ylang and black rose.

Boots describes the scent as "Sexy, musky yet comforting, Naughty Alice enriches a women’s senses. Everything is possible and you can unleash the adventurous curiousity from within."

Debenhams describes it as "a sensual and audacious new fragrance inspired by Vivienne Westwood's playful and highly creative imaginary universe. Sexy, musky yet comforting, Naughty Alice enlivens the senses and is the perfect example of modern femininity. The fragrance transports you to a sensual dream world where everything is possible and your adventurous curiosity can be unleashed. This chic feminine and provocative new floriental perfume leaves you with a naughty twinkle in the eye."

Selfridges describes it as "a feminine, audacious fragrance with a dash of cheeky sophistication in typical Vivienne Westwood style. Sexy, yet comforting this floriental fragrance, balanced between the warmth of the hot pink pepper and the elegance of the floral bouquet of violet, ylang ylang and black rose has a naughty feminism that elivens the senses."

Some of these fragrance descriptions are a bit OTT but I would definitely recommend it to anyone that likes a slightly musky scent (although it does have elements of fruits and florals). It lasts throughout the day and I get compliments when I wear it! Overall, I love it! (and fittingly it is named after me!)
Alice x

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