Saturday, 11 February 2012

Blue Ivy

As I'm sure many people know, Beyonce and Jay-Z released the first photos of their daughter Blue Ivy Carter this weekend. She is sooo cute! They have created a tumblr ( for her and the first five photos are unbelievably sweet. Here are a couple:

Beyonce and Blue Ivy (from

She is adorable and Beyonce and Jay-Z seem so happy! From the photo above you can see she has already got the single ladies dance going on with her hand :) I'm definitely going to keep checking their tumblr for updates! Just a little something extra: I was quite shocked (well actually maybe I wasn't so surprised) to find out on Million Pound Drop that they have applied to trademark her name! Perhaps a bit extreme but then again this child is probably going to be the most beautiful, talented and rich child ever!
Alice x

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