Sunday, 12 February 2012

Weekend In Pictures

This is my weekend, Friday 10th February to Sunday 12th February 2012, in pictures (please bear in mind the quality of these photos as they were all taken on my iPhone):



1. My ridiculous hairstyle I wear when I'm in the shower or moping around at home
2. My necklace from a holiday years ago with a grain of rice with my name written on it
3. Saturday nights dinner (I had the curry, my brother had the pizza)
4. My Temple Run score - it's addictive
5. Lusting after shirts in Red magazine
6. Incognito by David Eagleman

It was also World Happy Day on Saturday so 'celebrated' that at a screening of the film Happy :) - was very interesting but there were a lot of children there and I don't think it was very suitable or fun for them. I stayed in on Saturday night with my brother with a takeaway and playing PS3 (just like to say I lost 4-3 on Fifa but I did beat him at basketball!). Went to zumba this morning and the cinema this afternoon, and tonight is the BAFTAs. Overall a chilled out but good weekend.
Alice x

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