Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Brits: My Take

The Brit Awards are probably my favourite awards show just because it's all about the music! But I also took note of what everyone was wearing as well (who doesn't...?). This is what I thought - the best and the worst:



Caroline Flack:
She kept it very simple (but then I guess she didn't want to stand out too much if 1D were there and after what has happened... But I like the blazer with the white poking out on the sleeves and she has got killer legs so why not whip them out. I also really like her bag - the colours and the print make her outfit a bit more exciting.


Rihanna performed We Found Love and I thought she was pretty good! I loved the paint in the cube thing she did and I loved her ripped jumper, denim shorts and Timbalands combination. Her hair is a little Tina Turner-esque but she looked good anyway!

Laura Whitmore:
Laura presented the ITV2 show after the Brits and I don't think her and Keith Lemon were that much of a good partnership! But anyway she played it very safe I think in a short black dress but even so I really like it! Her shoes and lipstick brighten it up a lot.



Rihanna (again):
So Rihanna made it onto the best and worst for me! Most other fashion sites were raving about this outfit but for me it is not great. I am just not a fan of the gloves in this outfit. I also do not really like the bronzey-gold colours either. And I also thought her hair in this up-do looked really greasy and just wasn't that flattering at all. Of what I can see of the shoes though: love them!

That's what I thought of the Brit Awards 2012. The show is still on catch up and I'd recommend you all watch it (plus you don't get the breaks as well).
Alice x

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